Our Brands

Wadi El-Nile

Value and Commitment

We are committed to meet our customers’ needs of quality and specifications


Our customers depend on the quality of our products. Our commitment to maintain the highest standard is the foundation of our customers’ trust built over the years. We promise our customers that they will never be disappointed with our products and maintain a clear form of communications to ensure that products are received with satisfaction.


The end of the production process is not the end of the quality control measures; it continues during the loading, inspection and trucking, towards the products are delivered in the container yards to board of vessel and until the document preparation phase. Thus ensuring the clearance of the goods at the customer’s’ side.


We understand that service is not to only deliver the goods on time but also observe and follow up of logistics shipping operations till the goods are received. Being a world-class competitor means that we have to not only match but also exceed any competitor in quality, lead-time, price and customer service. We aim to provide customers with their needs in all the phases of communications.